Fifa 18 360

Fifa 18 360

The AI will try to make riskier passes if you have reduced its options, and that way it’s more likely to misplace a pass or get intercepted by one of your players. The developers, if given the time and budget which I suspect they weren’t, could have reworked the cut-scenes into whatever engine they used. Please pay more attention to player ratings! The Frostbite Engine, which returns to the game for its second year, has been heavily modified to allow for more realistic skin tone, movement and detail.

Fifa 18 for xbox 360

In fact, whoever licenses music for the FIFA franchise should get a raise.

Truth be told, much of what applied to FIFA 17 also applies to FIFA 18, so there are many similarities between this guide and last year’s, but we’ll also leave you with some new advice.

The most popular soccer video game series has returned once again this year in the form of FIFA 18.

Keep your options open.

Get FIFA 18 now!

Fifa 18 requirements for xbox 360

fifa 18 360

fifa 18 360

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