Star wars battlefront age rating

Star wars battlefront age rating

It is missing maps and features of the main game.

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They are good to play on but I just wish there were more!

Playing as Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad, Star Wars Battlefront II tasks you with taking down the rebel scum that threatens the Empire’s stability. This feels frustratingly unfair, and so I eventually resorted to charging through the enemy line with my force-field activated just to trigger the next checkpoint - this was neither fun or rewarding. Also in contrast to most other games, the cards don’t just give higher level players more interesting options or cooler weapons, they often merely make them faster or deadlier. They love it because of the characters and themes in play.

Create one here Forgot your password? Alternate: Join us on Facebook here or check us out on Instagram here. It gives you a wider viewable area which is an advantage too. It is illegal to supply it to anyone under that age. But she is also a character that evolves and changes, pulled between two opposing worldviews, and it adds a human dimension to the entire storyline.

star wars battlefront age rating

star wars battlefront age rating But we’ll get to thatlet’s start with the positives.

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